B .. X

Type : Architecture

Location : Caracas - Miranda - Venezuela
Project : Atelier Caracas (Rodrigo Armas + Julio Kowalenko)
Collaboration : Khristian Ceballos Ugarte (adjkm)
Lead Architect : Emilia Monteverde
Team :   Ana Isabel Cordido, Juancho Mesa, Raquel Paolini, Augusto Rivera

Landscape : Atelier Caracas (Rodrigo Armas + Julio Kowalenko)

Theater & Scenography Consulting : The Space Factory

Structure Engineering : Solis Ingeniería

B.O.X comprises the preliminary stage of the construction of a building named The Box of Arts, an extension of Asociación Venezolana de Conciertos cultural complex in Caracas that integrates the arts as a medium of social empowerment. The goal is providing the tools to train individuals in trades related to the theater and arts, such as carpentry, props, scenery, lighting, paper recycling; professionalizing them, and thus meet the existing demand in all theaters and cultural centers of the country. B.O.X becomes a space where everything works in a coherent and sustainable environment and also provides a venue for residents and neighborhood groups to meet, interact, and exchange ideas in formal and informal ways.

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