Fūjin (風神)

Type : Architecture

Location : Adícora - Edo. Falcón - Venezuela
Project : Atelier Caracas (Rodrigo Armas + Julio Kowalenko)
Team : Corina Montero, Juancho Mesa 
Landscape : María Alicia Espinoza
Structure Engineering : Lyonell Boulton

+ Fujin (風神) is a private residence in Adicora, Edo. Falcón, Venezuela. Adicora is known for it´s extreme wind condition, having 45 knots of wind all day everyday. Located on the town´s beach front, the house´s east facade is entirely exposed to the wind phenomena. Fujin (風神) works as a wind tunnel that can be moderated by the wooden pannels on its east facade. Once they are open the wind filters through the house and into the ventilation blocks on the west facade generating fresh air on the communal and private spaces. 

+ More Info Coming Soon!