Atelier Caracas


Corina Montero


Alfredo Mendoza


Outer Vision
In the last decades the levels of social distress and concomitant insecurity registered in Venezuela have forced urban residential communities to limit, and in many cases severely restrict access to their urbanized areas and properties. As a result, entrance guard posts to the now gated communities have become ubiquitous. Spatially the guard post tend to be exceedingly simple, generally with little regard placed on ergonomics and even less on aesthetics, considering the fact that the guardspersons will spend long shifts working and monitoring inside the cramped spaces. It would seem that the accepted and generalized solution is barely utilitarian, having space just large enough to fit one or two persons, with a window for them to peer out from.

Considering the aforementioned conditions, a residential community in Caracas contacted our studio for the purpose of designing a guard post adjacent to and controlling entrance and exit gates to the community, both for vehicular and pedestrian access. The urgent need was for an economical and prompt solution, and they suggested that perhaps a 20 ft maritime shipping container owned by them be utilized, to be recycled and transformed. This immediately suggested to us the image and denomination of a bunker.