The Parasite Project !

Type : Architecture

Location : Caracas - Edo. Miranda - Venezuela
Project : Atelier Caracas (Rodrigo Armas + Julio Kowalenko)
Team :  Irene Eseverri, Juancho Mesa, Corina Montero, Augusto Rivera

Engineering & Construction : Robiro Terán

Photography: Saúl Yuncoxar




1. an organism that lives on or in an organism of another species, known as “the host”, from the body of which it obtains nutriment .

+ A while ago we were contacted by an elementary school to develop a small renovation for their foodcourt, precisely to transform it into a flexible space. A space that would still be functioning as a foodcourt but that would also have the quality of transforming into a small theater and an art gallery. Our approach was to utilize the same materials of the existing building; the childish looking brick patterns, the classic white granite, the old dusty chalkboards, those pastel yellow tones, materials that were used as meere ornamental finishes now become structure and form, a new architecture rises from the simbiotic relationship between the host (the existent building) and the new organism (the parasite project!)