Security Systems  

Type : Prototype

Location : Caracas - Edo. Miranda - Venezuela
Project : Atelier Caracas (Rodrigo Armas + Julio Kowalenko)
Team : Christian Maier, Juancho Mesa, Corina Montero
Ironworks : Alfredo Mendoza

+ We’ve always had a fascination towards the role of security systems in architecture and how they always seem to end up being residual ornaments in the final architectural form. Why can’t these objects be considered as part of the bigger whole? Security Systems is a constant research project that materializes itself in different kind of prototypes. These prototypes seek to create an architecture where security apparatuses are taken under consideration in the design process and integrated as part of the architectural project. The following case studies are a series of fictional and built speculations.

Prototype N.01
Status: Constructed

Prototype N.02
“CCTV Home”
Status: Fictional

+ More Info Coming Soon!